French for Lovers is a new kind of language course,
it is the ultimate language guide for romantics.

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This is the first in a series of focused language courses
Do you have a French girlfriend? Are you traveling through French speaking countries and want to mix with the locals? Maybe you just want to show off to your non-French speaking friends? This guide takes the drudgery out of learning French, with fun, amusing lessons. Maybe you are just looking for a novel new way of learning the French language? This guide it for you. French for Lovers goes places that other guides dare not go. This language guide takes you from the bar, to the taxi, to the bedroom. Make no mistake, this guide is the ultimate tool to hit it off with that gorgeous Mademoiselle you’ve just met. Flatter her in her own language and she will respond positively. Effort brings reward. If you are planning on visiting a French speaking country, you need French for Lovers. No prior knowledge of French needed, this guide takes you through the basics, with fun, witty dialogues. Each dialogue outlines the key words and how they are used, all recorded with native French speakers. The MP3 format is great for ipods or other MP3 players, no CDs to worry about. Instant download available now. No need to supply delivery address so it's perfect for travellers.

Warning! If you want to learn standard French in the boring old way, this probably isn’t for you. However if you want to inject some panache, some verve or a certain je ne sais quoi to your learning, this is the guide you must get!

The 120min MP3 audio guide covers:

French Basics
Date situations
Pick up situations
Nightclub conversation Intimate encounters
FREE regular upgrades & additional lessons
Includes written transcripts of all the lessons (PDF)
60 Day 100% Money back Guarantee!

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Wayne P.- I've traveled abroad a lot, but I never had more fun than when I was equipped with great pickup lines that I could deliver flawlessly in the native tongue. Looking forward to spending A LOT more time in France! Thank you FrenchForLovers!

Jacob S.- I was surprised at how funny the course was, I laughed out loud a couple of time and got some strange looks!

John K. - This guide is fantastic. I was surprised at some of the phrases were included! But they really helped me when I was backpacking though Europe.

Ian P. - I love this guide, I was speaking French in no time, and it was really appreciated if you know what I mean!

Sammy L. - Made learning French interesting for once



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